Understanding Zimbabwean Urban Youth Identities Through Zimbabwe Urban Grooves Music and Related Urban Contemporary Music


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships




This book engages in an in-depth study of Zimbabwean urban youth identities through the lenses of urban grooves and related urban contemporary musical genres which have grown rapidly, and influence and intersect with different ways urban youth map and express their identities. The study involves a textual analysis of urban grooves music and video texts which is complemented by interviews with urban youth, urban grooves musicians, music promoters and producers, while some of the research findings are based on observations I made during some musical shows I attended as part of the audience or consumers of urban grooves. This book argues that the shifting nature of Zimbabwe urban grooves music and the associated globalised shifting world since its formation intersect with various ways urban youth construct and map their identities and agencies, the nature of relationships among the youth and between the musicians and consumers of the music.