The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Forum at Butrint (Albania): Urbanism in Ancient Epirus from the 7th Century B.C. to the 7th Century A.D.


ACLS Fellowship Program




This project is a two-volume publication reporting on the discovery and excavations of the Roman Forum at Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Albania. Constructed by Roman colonists in the time of Julius Caesar and Augustus, the forum was the political, commercial, and religious center of the ancient city. The excavations have revealed major public and religious buildings (stoas, temples, basilica) and have produced a rich depositional record that reflect the urban development of Butrint from its origins nearly 2,700 years ago to modern times. The condition of the paved open square and the remains of its buildings demonstrate that the forum at Butrint is one of the best preserved forums in the provinces of the Roman Empire.