Appointed as Research Manager, Sembrando Sentido


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, Geography, University of California, Berkeley

Position Description

Sembrando Sentido is a non-profit organization that seeks to harvest knowledge, tools and inspiration to strengthen efforts for more transparent, fair, inclusive and efficient government practices in Puerto Rico. The organization drives government reform by making Puerto Rico’s government data truly open and building knowledge and power in our communities to improve, monitor and safeguard the use of public resources. The Research Manager for Transformative Civic Empowerment will i) collaborate with organizations in the insertion of Puerto Rico into key indexes and research around civic empowerment, democracy, and governance, and ii) use qualitative and quantitative research methods to design and carry-out innovative research that can help address unique factors inherent in present colonial structures, and that affect or limit civic empowerment for social and economic justice. This research will help stakeholders monitor progress on governance and democracy efforts in Puerto Rico and raise awareness around persisting challenges.