A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the Apadāna, Vol. 2


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Grants for Critical Editions and Scholarly Translations


Indian Sub-continental Studies


The proposed research will produce a critical edition and annotated English translation of chapters five to twenty of the Apadāna, a collection of narrative stories belonging to the Khuddakanikāya of the Pāli canon. The critical edition will be prepared using five Sinhala script manuscripts, three Burmese script manuscripts, the Burmese script Kuthodaw Pagoda inscriptions that preserve the fifth Buddhist council recension, and four previously published printed editions. The corresponding annotated English translation will be produced with reference to the Pāli commentary (Apadānaṭṭhakathā) and an old word-by-word Burmese language nissaya translation. The resulting monograph will be published by the Pali Text Society as the second of a four or five volume set covering the entire text.