Organizing for Environmental Justice in the Borderlands: The Colectivo Salud y Justicia Ambiental in Tijuana-San Diego


ACLS Project Development Grants


Latina/Latino Studies


The US-México border region necessitates a framework for environmental injustice—the unequal exposure to environmental risks and goods—due to the fragmented governance and socio-economic cultural integration in the region. This project examines the border environmental justice organizing tradition through the trajectory of the Colectivo Salud y Justicia Ambiental. Based on fronteriza situated knowledges, the Colectivo’s organizing culture uses ritual, discourse, and conceptualization of space to link their localized environmental injustices to the borderlands context. These cultural practices are rooted in the lineages of labor, feminist, and environmental movements on both sides of the border. This analysis is critical for understanding the historical interventions of environmental justice organizing in border social movements and politics.