Contemplating feminism(s) in Africa through the periscope of the novels of Nsue, Nwapa and Ba


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Modern Languages Department (Spanish Section)


Several authors have questioned the contentions of African feminist theory and its practicality for the issues facing African women. Additionally, whereas African feminism(s) have been explored extensively within the Anglophone and Francophone contexts, there remains a dearth of research on Afro-Hispanic writings. This project seeks to review feminism on the African continent through a comparative study of the issues, themes and concerns projected in the novels Ekomo, Efuru and Une Si Longue Lettre. It attempts to redefine African feminism with a focus on Anglophone, Francophone as well as the largely unacknowledged Afro-Hispanic context by interrogating how these female writers present the female characters in their works. The study analyses the commonalities in how issues such as polygamy, motherhood, sisterhood and agency are presented in order to draw conclusions on the transnational conceptualisation of African feminism. Finally, an African feminist analytical framework will be introduced.