Jointly Administering the Balkans: Habsburg Local Government and Ethnic Politics in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia, 1878-1914


Dissertation Fellowships in East European Studies


I plan to write my dissertation while in residence at the University of Maryland as well as the Library of Congress during the 2006-2007 academic year


This project evaluates the Habsburg Monarchy’s administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia from 1878, when Bosnia transferred from the Ottoman Empire to Austria-Hungary, to the end of World War I. The analysis of the Habsburg Monarchy’s low-level administrators, their policies, backgrounds, and loyalties, and local reactions to those policies builds on research conducted in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia in July, 2007. It compares the Habsburg experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina with its experience in Dalmatia (a Slavic-speaking, predominantly Croat coastal region) to gauge the effect of joint rule in Bosnia versus Austrian rule in Dalmatia, and how they relate to the development of ethnic politics at the local level.