Engaged Humanities Research Accelerator (EHRA) (Host Institution: Texas State University)


ACLS Sustaining Public Engagement Grants




The Engaged Humanities Research Accelerator (EHRA) will reinstate enrich, and support exhibition projects advancing engaged humanities research slowed or halted by COVID. Faculty and students partner with communities hit hard by the pandemic to create knowledge and increase community, cultural, and educational engagement addressing timely issues of national and global importance through humanities inquiry, dialogue, and insights about racial equality, America's diverse history, US-global relations, public health, and pandemic recovery. EHRA will accelerate and bolster these projects with meta-support including (1) a community advisory board for input and recommendations and (2) a meta-analysis of best practices and recommendations for enhancing engaged humanities research. Community partners include the Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association of San Marcos, San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District (ISD), Texas State Development Board and Der Stadt Friedhof cemetery in Fredericksburg, Texas Association of Charitable Clinics, Alliance LGBTQIA in San Marcos, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, Williams Career School of Excellence, San Marcos Youth Services, and the Hays County Youth Initiative, San Marcos (SM) Library, the San Marcos Youth Advisory Community Council, and Austin ISD.