Islam, Power, and Mass-Mediated Culture in Northern Nigeria


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


English & Literacy Studies


This study examines the emergent Hausa popular culture trends in the urban locations of northern Nigeria. It evaluates the implications of mass-mediated culture forms such as popular soyayya novellas, soyayya video films, and soyayya musical songs in a society that is deeply rooted in its traditional culture and Islamic values. The study therefore intends to prove that the global media flows, everywhere revitalizing specific manifestations of local cultures in a unique fashion, despite the skepticism and the resistance to the emergent modes of cultural expression by the dominant power structures. Invariably, the availability of electronic media technology is creating a situation in which traditional cultural forms are fast becoming integrated to the processes of cultural globalization through the production, distribution, and consumption of all forms of cultural diets, local and global. In this context, this study posits that the future of all cultural forms is hybridity and polyvalence.