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Desiree Barron-Callaci is a Program Officer in U.S. Programs. Desiree helps to coordinate and enhance ACLS’s efforts to connect, convene, and learn from our member societies, higher education partners, and community of fellows, with a particular focus on issues related to PhD career pathways and the public dimensions of humanities scholarship. Before joining the ACLS in July 2019, Desiree worked as a peer mentor/doula for the EMPOWER MOMS DO CARE project, a program that supports families affected by opioid use in Western Massachusetts.

Desiree received her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from New York University. She received her BA in American Indian/Indigenous Studies and Film from Cornell University. She is an active and proud alumna of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Institute for Recruitment of Teachers, and the Telluride Association.