Read the latest publications from 2021 ACLS Leading Edge Fellows, created in partnership with their nonprofit host organizations. These timely resources focus on issues of social justice and equity, including a report that identifies and explores the history of Confederate monuments in the United States, and a digital platform and program focused on questions of power, justice, and the public impact of new technologies. Explore the resources below:

  • “Faith, Race, Place”
    Chris Hedlin F’21, Leading Edge Fellow at PublicSource PA

    “Pittsburgh’s religious landscape is fragmented. Rarely do people’s social groups reflect the city’s religious diversity. And rarely do religious communities reflect the city’s racial, economic or political diversity…‘Faith, Race, Place’ confronts this past as a means of understanding the religious present.”
  • “Best Practices for E-reader Tablets in Carceral Institutions”
    Anthony Johnson F’21, Leading Edge Fellow at PEN America

    “The policies that carceral institutions and e-reader vendors put in place today may determine future access to literature for more than two million incarcerated people across the United States. To this end, we propose ‘best practices’ to guide e-reader vendors and carceral institutions, in order to ensure that e-readers best serve the literary, educational needs, and interests of incarcerated people and their families.”
  • “Just Tech”
    Amana Kaskazi F’21, Leading Edge Fellow at the Social Science Research Council

    “Through the Just Tech Fellowship and digital platform, the program creates a new ecosystem of research and social engagement, one that enriches public discourse, informs public policy, and radically imagines just futures where social and public interests drive technological change, instead of the other way around.”
  • “Whose Heritage?” Third Edition
    Kimberly Probolus F’21, Leading Edge Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center
    “More than 2,000 memorials in the United States valorize the Confederacy, a secessionist government that waged war to preserve white supremacy and the enslavement of millions of people…Explore our resources to find out more about the history of Confederate monuments and what you can do to help remove these symbols of hate and white supremacy from your community.”
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