2020 President's Report to the CouncilWatch

2020 Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies Fellow & Grantees

Awards recognize path-breaking studies on China.

ACLS Fellow Lizabeth Cohen F’93 Opinion for the Atlantic

Historian Lizabeth Cohen F’93 considers what we can learn from the Great Depression.

African Humanities Fellow Sister Dr. Dominica Dipio F’09 Profiled for AllAfrica

Sister Dr. Dominica Dipio F’09 stresses the importance of both STEM and the humanities for the future of Uganda.

2020 Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellows

Program supports outstanding research projects by 26 scholars teaching at two-year colleges.

Sarah Keyes F’13 Opinion Piece For Washington Post “Perspective”

ACLS fellow Sarah Keyes F'13 asks, "Will COVID-19 lead to men and women splitting care work more evenly?"

Past ACLS Fellows Receive 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowships

Congratulations to Bathsheba R. Demuth F'15, Jack A. Goldstone F'84, Meghan Howey F'14, David A. Pietz F'95, & Amy Erica Smith F'19.

Laurie Arnold

Laurie Arnold
Native American Cultural Activism as Historical Text: From Sarah Winnemucca to Twenty-First Century Drama

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Founded: 1780
Admitted to ACLS: 1919