Cinemetrics: an Open-Access Interactive Website Designed to Collect, Store, and Process Scholarly Data about Film Editing Across the History of Cinema


ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships


Art History, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature, and Cinema and Media Studies


This project involves the completion of the online application Cinemetrics, an extensive, multifaceted collection of digital data related to film editing. Currently programmed to handle the aspect of editing known in film studies as cutting rates, cinemetrics is expanding into a site that provides a comprehensive multifaceted picture of the factors that effected film editing in the span of its 100-year long-history. Users will view the correlations that exist between the film’s dynamic profile, its genre, and its type of story; access the way in which cultural factors define the tempo of film editing; and get a sense of interdependency between cutting rates, on the one hand, and shot scales, staging practices, acting styles, and camera movements on the other.