Stop Sexual Violence!: Popular Culture and Female Bonding in China's Pandemic Era


Luce/ACLS Early Career Fellowships in China Studies – Long-Term


Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Named Award

Flexible named award


This project discusses the building of gendered alliances that transgress domestic, public, and cyber space in China’s pandemic era. Adopting methods from cyber-anthropology and cultural anthropology of art, the project examines five cases of sexual violence that (re-)ignite nationwide attention and debates in 2020-2021. The goal of the project is the production of two publications and a series of classes. The first publication addresses the sexual violence innate in the Chinese language. The second discusses the cyber economy of gender and sexual violence and the transgression of feminist issues in the cyber-domestic-public continuous space. The project also develops a series of classes on Chinese and Asian feminisms to increase the visibility of Asian feminisms in the Women of Color feminist curriculum in the United States.