Scholarly translation from Pali into English and Slovene of the Mahasatipatthanasutta of the Dighanikaya, its commentary the Mahasatipatthanasuttavannana of the Sumangalavilasini, and the sub-commentary (tika) of the Linatthapakasinitika I


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Translation Grants in Buddhist Studies


affiliated Department of Indian Studies


This project translates from Pali into English and Slovene the Mahasatipatthanasutta of the Dighanikaya, considered the most important text on mindfulness, its commentary the Mahasatipatthanasuttavannana, and the corresponding sub-commentary (tika) of the Linatthapakasinitika. The two commentaries, of which this will be the first complete translation, are invaluable for understanding the sutta; they discuss important doctrinal points as well as mindfulness practice, and provide valuable information on the historical and cultural context in which they arose. The English translation will be submitted for publication to the Pali Text Society, and the Slovene to Studia Humanitatis Asiatica, making them available to scholars as well as to a broader readership interested in Buddhism.