Africa Starts in the Pyrenees: The Fondo Kati, Between al-Andalus and Timbuktu


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Historical Studies Department


This project aims to transform my dissertation entitled “ ‘Africa starts in the Pyrenees:’ The Fondo Kati, between al-Andalus and Timbuktu,” into a monograph book, which has already been accepted for publication by the prestigious German academic publisher, De Gruyter. The dissertation presents a biography of the Fondo Kati archive, a private family library from Timbuktu that has positioned itself apart from other libraries due to its claim to a unique historical heritage linked to al-Andalus and present-day Spain. It is built upon two cornerstones: the genealogical project—the claim to uninterrupted “originally” Spanish ancestry for the Kati family—and the project of the marginalia—the archive as a family collection, built by generations of family members.