Mobility, cultural retention and adaptability among the refugees in Bidibidi settlement in northwestern Uganda.


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Department of Governance, Peace and International Studies


The descriptive study argues for a critical understanding of how mobility impacts cultural retention for effective adaptability among adult refugees. In a triad, the study will investigate aspects of culture (tangible and intangible) or cultural practices that refugees bring with them to refugee settlements; the impact of the cultures in adaptability and how culturally inclusive/exclusive the host community of Bidibidi refugee settlement is. The study will focus on adult refugees for whom culture is an important aspect of their being, and who are often the custodians of cultures and practices. Empirical data will be collected on five aspects of native culture; spirituality; participation in economic activities; music and dance, rites of passage and conflict resolution mechanisms from Bidibidi refugee settlement in north western Uganda.