Examining Young Men's Diversity Experiences and Female Partners' Perspectives Towards Sexual Enhancement Remedies in Tanzania.


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Despite sexual enhancement remedies becoming widespread and the subject of debate in Tanzania, no in-depth qualitative study has been conducted yet on young men’s diversity responses and female partners’ perspectives on the matter. This study examines how young men renegotiate their male identities amid proliferation of sexual enhancement remedies, and female partners’ viewpoints. Drawing from ethnographic research and building on the concepts of agency and social navigation, I argue that such proliferating remedies might also reveal diversity in responses and experiences characterized by continuity and discontinuity of hegemonic construction of being rijali, which are often embedded in both inter- and intra-personal conflicts as well as compliances. In summary, my findings will indicate young men’s diversity responses, experiences as well as partners’ (females’) viewpoints on sexual enhancement remedies. This study draws our attention to go deeper into sexual enhancing remedies in multiple African countries, and Tanzania in particular.