A New Critical Edition of Suetonius’s “Lives of the Caesars”


ACLS Fellowship Program




This project comprises a new critical edition of Suetonius’s “Lives of the Caesars” (De vita Caesarum), which preserves biographies of the first 12 Roman emperors, to be published by Oxford University Press in its Oxford Classical Texts; the book will also include a revised version of Kaster’s edition of Suetonius’s “On Teachers of Grammar and Rhetoric” (De grammaticis et rhetoribus), published by Oxford in 1995. No new edition of the “Caesars” has been attempted in over a century: this work will replace the standard edition by taking account for the first time of all the medieval manuscripts, by applying more up-to-date critical procedures and standards, by incorporating a complete accounting of sources and parallel passages, and by benefiting from advances in our understanding of Roman history and historiography.