Singing for the future? Exploring traditional songs as a community-based approach in safeguarding wedding ceremonies


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Archaeology and Heritage Studies


Communities in the world have songs that are performed in various occasions and for different reasons. These songs are usually transmitted between generations as a part of community’s traditions and identity, alongside information pertaining to traditions, beliefs and customs. Such information includes those relating to different traditional ceremonies like weddings, initiation rites, funerals and rituals. For example, wedding ceremonies are among the forms of intangible cultural heritage that are rapidly changing due to factors like globalisation and modernisation. Consequently, individuals, organisations, and governments have suggested different measures to be used in ensuring the survival of such practices. Nevertheless, these proposed measures are formulated by professionals whilst neglecting the community-based approaches. Thus, this proposed research intends to explore the traditional songs among the Jita in north-western Tanzania as a community-based approach that is used in ensuring the survival of traditional wedding ceremonies.