The Digital Reconstruction of the Sanctuary of Hera at Mon Repos, Corfu


ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships


Classical Studies


This project is generating digital architectural reconstructions of the Hera sanctuary at Mon Repos, Greece. The Corfu museums hold more than 500 elements of a major, unpublished Archaic temple and auxiliary structures. Preparing for an architectural monograph, the study is creating 3D laser scans, photographs, and notes from the corpus. The basis for restoring the sanctuary, project data will also be freely distributed on an interactive website, including 3D VRML models, hosted by the Penn Museum. The result—accurate visualizations of the richly ornamented, transitional early Heraion—is crucial to understanding the synthesis of Greek art and monumental architecture. The project’s novel applications of laser scanning and rapid web distribution are broadly significant to archaeology and related fields.