Nigeria and the International Economy, 1914 to 1960: A Case Study of Cocoa Exports in Colonial Nigeria


African Humanities Program Dissertation Fellowships




Various works have been done on the general theory of international economic integration, yet studies on Nigeria and the international economy during the colonial period remain rare. In the available studies, the international dimension of the Nigerian economy is implied rather than emphasized. This work examines Nigeria’s integration into the international economy using cocoa exports as a case study on the place of Nigeria within the world economic system in the colonial period. The study relies on primary sources for its analysis, including documents on cocoa exports kept in Nigeria’s National archive at Ibadan and Enugu as well as of the surviving trading companies during the colonial period will be used. The study corrects the lopsidedness and imbalance in the history of Nigeria, and creates frontiers for more research in produce exports. It also provides information for cross-temporal comparison between colonial and post-colonial economic integration and development of the country. This will add to the growing literature on the international dimensions of economic history of Nigeria.