The Imperatives of Visual Activism in the Works of Two Contemporary Nigerian Female Artists, Nnenna Okore and Lucy Azubuike


African Humanities Program Dissertation Fellowships


Nnenna Okore and Lucy Azubuike are two Nigerian women artists, who belong to the younger generation of artists familiar with contemporary art media. They explore contemporary art genres that are not only thought provoking but also, in an era of advanced technologies, offered liberating but globalized perspective to art, cultural differencies and other personal concerns. This project argues that both artists in their respective styles, employ contemporary media and genre such as, installation, conceptual photography, film and performance art to deconstruct political, societal and historical assumptions in Nigeria concerning women and women's art practices and how these impact their lives and position in the twenty-first century. Their artistic projects not only challenge ideas about conventional genres, they also constitute contemporary visual activism, intended to bring to the fore ploitical, cultural, societal and historical issues in Africa.