Objects, Texts, and Narratives: Reconstruction of the Shashi-Limpopo Cultural Landscape in the Last 2000 Years


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships




This project explores the development of the pre-colonial societies in the semi-arid Shashi-Limpopo Basin of southern Africa. Archaeologically, the region is best known for the development of the Mapungubwe Cultural Complex. Through archaeological evidence, historical sources, and oral traditions, the project investigates the pre-colonial communities of the basin and how they interacted with the environment. The integration of new data with previous research conducted at the key sites of Mapungubwe and K2 in South Africa provides more keys to unravelling the story of the Mapungubwe Culture Complex. The project’s results include a consolidated database of sites, informed academic reports that should form the basis for future research, and a usable history for southern Africa.