The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Forging of the Covenant Chain


Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships




This dissertation is the first scholarly work on the Susquehannock War, a multiethnic conflict arising out of regional instability in seventeenth century eastern North America. It begins in the 1660s, tracing the paths by which both Indian and English societies became increasingly volatile. After war broke out between Virginia and the Susquehannocks in 1675, it follows the escalation of hostilities and the movement toward colonial rebellion. It ends in 1682 with the Susquehannocks’ victory over their Native enemies and diplomatic success with English governments. The consequences of the Susquehannock War tie together three major developments: English imperial centralization, massive expansion of the Indian slave trade, and the forging of an enduring alliance between England and the Iroquois League.