Petrarch’s Early Manuscripts and Incunabula in the Oregon Petrarch Open Book


ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships


Romance Languages


This project employs TEI P5 modules and develops new features of the Text-Image Linking Environment tool to expand the interactive historical and codicological commentaries for pivotal digital assets of the Oregon Petrarch Open Book, a web archive constructed around Petrarch’s fourteenth-century poetry book the Canzoniere. It focuses on a representative and unstudied fourteenth-century manuscript (Queriniano D II 21); the highly illustrated 1470 editio princeps of the Canzoniere (Queriniano G V 15); and the first edition (1525) of Alessandro Vellutello’s commentary. This project also refines existing T-PEN transcription–markup tools to develop accurate hyper-representations of these diverse forms of Petrarch’s book.