Appointed as Program Manager, Refugees International


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University

Position Description

There are more than 70 million refugees and internally displaced people in the world, as well as many millions of stateless people living without citizenship rights and victims of displacement resulting from natural disasters. Based on impartial and independent field reporting, Refugees International (RI) advocates for assistance and protection for refugees and displaced persons, and for solutions to refugee and humanitarian crises. Refugees International is committed to ensuring that governments of the world take strong and consistent action to seek durable solutions for these vulnerable populations. The Program Manager, Global Assessment of Country Practices on Refugee and Humanitarian Protection, is a new position focused on the development of a Refugees International global report on refugee and humanitarian protection. In recent years, Refugees International has published an annual assessment of the US administration’s record on refugee and humanitarian protection. The report has been read very widely and has received extensive coverage in the media, helping to promote public accountability and serving as a guide for advocates and policy makers with interests in enhancing the US response to the global challenge of forced migration. Refugees International now intends to publish a global report focusing not only on the United States, but also on other countries that are hosting large refugee or other displaced populations or are otherwise playing a key role in refugee and humanitarian response. We will publish this product over the next two calendar years, with a view toward establishing the permanent capacity to continue this work beyond the end of the fellowship.