Corporate Imaginations: the Fluxus Collective in the Age of Postwar Capitalism


Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art


Art History


Corporate Imaginations is a history of the postwar art group Fluxus and its important career in New York City. The project investigates how Fluxus objects and performances were simultaneously a symptom of and response to particular cultural and economic restructuring in the early 1960s, namely the dominance of a specific conceptualization of modernism in the arts and the apparent encroachment of capitalism into all realms of social life. The aim is to understand the ways that Fluxus' strategies, including its construction of a collective identity based on the contradiction of "incorporated anarchy," questioned a culture whose dominant ideologies and material products seemed increasingly aligned with those of the multinational form of capitalism that emerged so robustly in the postwar era.