Chadic Migrations and the Transformation of Ethnic Identities on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Archaeology and Heritage Studies


The West African sub-region has witnessed many episodes of migrations over the past four millennia. Among them is the Chadic migrations which involved the southwards movement of peoples from the Lake Chad basin in north-east Nigeria to as far as the Jos Plateau in Central Nigeria. On arrival they fused with earlier settlers that they me to form the numerous ethnic nationalities found today on the Plateau. The focus of this study is understanding better the long-term settlement history, sociopolitical organization, and economy of the Ron on the Jos Plateau. There is also interest in the role climatic fluctuations played in the migrations. This study would involve interdisciplinary approaches, combining anthropological and historical methods and, collaborations with zoologists and other disciplines. The study is expected to throw more light on the processes of ethnic formations on the Jos Plateau.