Sustaining Public Engagement through the Mesoamerican Clay-Figurine Project of Rio Hondo College and its Partners in Community (Host Institution: Rio Hondo College)


ACLS Sustaining Public Engagement Grants


Chicana/o/x Studies


The grant shall sustain twelve months of public programming between the Mesoamerican Clay-Figurine Project and its partners. The 2022-23 program involves three public forums hosted at the East Side Café, a Zapatista-Maya inspired community center in El Sereno. These forums shall be followed-up by one public book reading with a live Q&A part hosted by the Los Angeles Indigenous People’s Alliance. To cap the programming, one public health symposium will be held at the Association of Raza Educators headquarters in Los Angeles. These five public meetings shall feature public intellectuals instructed to lead the co-creating and sharing of knowledge in the areas of racial equity, educational sovereignty, and public health. Santiago Andres Garcia, Professor of Anthropology (Rio Hondo), and Lizette “Lucha” Arévalo, Assistant Professor of Chicana/o/x Studies (Rio Hondo) shall steer the yearlong efforts.