Latinx Artivists Resist Violence in the 21st Century


Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships


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“Latinx Artivists Resist Violence” is an interdisciplinary project which examines the machista language of gender violence as is produced in legal and social frameworks against the literary and corporal expressions of Latinx female artists. The violent sociolinguistic effects that journalism, social media, and the law have on the lives of women continue to resonate in our current moment. By studying the various manifestations of this sexist language, the book argues that female artists give us in their artistic expressions the means to interpret and resist Machistañol, a language of violence spoken by a sexist society. The artistic expressions by female artivists that the project inspects against a backdrop of machista speech acts—sexist language that acts upon women—has important consequences for bringing glimpses of hope and justice to the current reality of escalating femicide cases in Latin America and the United States.