Appointed as Communications Specialist, ACCESS


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

Position Description

Founded by a group of dedicated volunteers in 1971 out of a storefront in Dearborn’s impoverished south end, ACCESS was created to assist the Arab immigrant population to adapt to life in the United States. Today, ACCESS is the largest Arab American community nonprofit in the United States. The Communications Specialist will be working within The Center for Arab Narratives (CAN), housed within the Arab American National Museum, an institution of ACCESS. The Communications Specialist will help CAN make research more accessible for the community through a multi-platform social media campaign that uses museum archives to speak to contemporary issues, pen op-eds and build web-based reports on relevant issues that affect the Arab and MENA communities, and will develop an interdisciplinary and multimedia project on an issue facing the Arab and MENA community.