Appointed as Digital Programming Strategist, Chicago Humanities Festival


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Position Description

The Chicago Humanities Festival (CHF) presents entertaining, smart, and stimulating programming that helps our audiences see the world anew. We engage the great minds of our time in conversations with our audiences, reflecting on issues that are at the core of what it means to be human. We examine both the past and the present to identify ideas that resonate with us today as individuals, communities, and cultures. We traverse the full range of the arts (literature, performance, music, and the visual arts) and humanities (history, philosophy, politics, journalism, food, etc.). During the past 26 years, CHF has presented more than 2,700 programs and performances, and more than 3,400 speakers and artists, including: 10 Nobel Prize winners, 70 Pulitzer Prize winners, 53 MacArthur Award recipients, 16 Tony Award winners, 10 Grammy Award winners, and seven Academy Award winners.

CHF seeks a Digital Programming Strategist to research and implement innovation in merging or linking live and digital content. In some cases this will involve post-production video management; in others it will involve making digital-only content that enhances live experience; in yet others it will involve fusing digital tools and platforms to live events, addressing both program content and audience experience. As a member of the programming team, the Digital Programing Strategist will contribute to all discussions involving programming and production, and will work closely with staff from the marketing, website, and development teams.