Relay in Experimental Art Practice in 1960s and 1970s Yugoslavia


Dissertation Fellowships in East European Studies


Department of Art


This dissertation examines key artists chronologically from the groups Gorgona (Zagreb) and OHO (Ljubljana); the beginning of conceptualism with artists Tomislav Gotovac, Braco Dimitrijevic, and Goran Trbuljak (Zagreb); Bitef theater and the Student Cultural Center and Rasa Todosijevic (Belgrade); then to KOD group and Zelimir Zilnik (Novi Sad) and Sanja Ivekovic and the Group of Six (Zagreb); ending with an analysis of their legacy for the current generation. Their experimental art posed questions that were groundbreaking art historically and socio-politically because of their position within the specific political process of self-management in Yugoslavia. To serve needs unmet by the existing institutions, these artists created new institutions that have a lasting impact today.