Theater under the Ming and the Habsburgs: Angelica in and out of the Cathay


Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society


School of International Letters and Cultures


the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong


Objective: A conference about Spanish and Chinese theater in the 16th and 17th centuries. This is a project that consists of approximations within fields that do not communicate often. Proposed points of comparison: Mise en scène of Spanish comedia in Chinese, and vice-versa Balance of comic and tragic elements Spanish theater in Chinese communities (Philippines, Taiwan, etc.) Jesuit theater in China, or about China missions Urban and court theater in the 16th century Ritual theater in China and religious comedia in Spain and the Americas Development of theater and development of capitalist systems Entertainment as the objective of theater Music and dancing in theater Printing of theater: copies for staging, actors, and reading Theater and images: ekphrasis, publication