“We women have to man up if we are to survive in the new farms”: Women and the Negotiation for space and access in Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


International Studies Group


The study examines the particular role that all women connected to the new farming terrain have been playing in the new agricultural sphere in Zimbabwe. This is in light of the land acquisition modes, the crops that are grown and the different entrepreneurial activities they have been undertaken. It also aims to analyse how women in Zimbabwe’s new agriculture landscape created by the FTLRP have negotiated a space for themselves ?especially in a patriarchal setting that dictates agriculture in general and the FTLRP in particular. It intends to assess how women interact with the gendered environment in which they are seen as an inferior form. It seeks to evaluate issues of use and access in a landscape where men usually dominate or have a monopoly over technological inputs of various sorts and where men customarily control cooperative/collective governing committees set up by the land reform process.