Enhancing Scholarly Use of the Corpus of Early Modern Print


ACLS Digital Extension Grants




Principal Investigator: Joseph F. Loewenstein, Washington University in St. Louis; Co-Principal Investigator: Anupam Basu, Washington University in St. Louis. This project will develop an open-access portal to an enriched digital corpus that represents the output of the English press in the first two and a quarter centuries of printing from 1473 to 1700, an enhanced workspace with improved digital tools for historical and literary scholars, and a pedagogical gateway by which teachers can introduce students to the print record of Tudor and Stuart culture. This work will extend the achievements of already well-developed digital projects—including the Text Creation Partnership of Early English Books Online, The Early Modern Lab (Northwestern, Washington, and Notre Dame Universities) and Early Print (Washington University)—and seek to build a communal curatorial infrastructure to ensure the continued growth and increasing tractability of the central corpus for digital research in Early Modern Studies.