Bundling: A Diné Theory and Practice of Storying and Future-Making


ACLS Fellowship Program


New College


"Bundling: A Diné Theory and Practice of Storying and Future-Making" brings together Diné narratives of the past and present to explain how Diné people encounter their world and make the future. Bundling is an active process that Diné people undertake to collect and store knowledge, experience, history, and hope. "Bundling" explores stories—prayers, novels, songs, poems, films, and emergence narratives—and storytelling as imagination, power, and future-making. "Bundling" analyzes oral narratives such as the Nááhwíiłbįįhí story and Sydney Freeland’s film "Drunktown’s Finest". This project develops bundling as a theory and practice to understand how Diné people bring new ideas, practices, songs, writings, and knowledge into their world.