Translation of Lithic Analysis by George H. Odell (2004) from English into Chinese


Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Grants to Individuals in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Early History Translation Grants (East and Southeast Asia)






Archaeology of Chinese prehistory and early history has been developed rapidly during the last century. However, many problems concerning theories and methodology still exist; for instance, the study of lithic technology are still in its infant stage. As a respected lithic analyst, George H. Odell introduces basic concepts, theory perspectives, and applied sciences in his most recent publication Lithic Analysis. This comprehensive book features questions and topics with case studies that are mostly useful for the beginners in the field. With clear organizations, the book provides readers with a comprehensive manual of lithic analysis that fills the gap in the current research on prehistory and early history in China. With my extensive training background in the study of lithic technology and experiences in translating academic articles from ENglish to Chinese, I am confident and competent in finishing this proposed translation work, with supports from the author and my supervisors. I will accomplish this work following the principles of "accuracy, consitence, and literacy" and present the context of this book as perfect as possible for Chinese readers.