A Grammar of the Kusaal Language of Ghana


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Department of Communication Studies


This project gives a description and a formal linguistics analysis of the grammar of Kusaal, spoken in Ghana. The questions the project seeks to answer include: (i) what are the grammatical structures of Kusaal? and (ii) how can focus constructions be analyzed using the Lexical-Functional Grammar Framework? The project aims to correct aspects of my dissertation titled: "Aspects of Kusaal Grammar: The Syntax-Information Structure Interface" by using comments received from reviewers after the submission of the work. It seeks to include a chapter on the morphology of Kusaal. The aim of this project is to come out with a book manuscript on the grammar of Kusaal. Little is known in the literature of a comprehensive grammar of a Northern Ghanaian language that employs the Lexical-Functional Grammar Approach in analyzing its data. This project will be carried out using primary data gathered from native speakers. The research method is qualitative.