Amazigh Women, Trauma, and the Legacy of Colonialism


ACLS Fellowship Program


Modern Languages and Literatures


Amazigh Women, Trauma, and the Legacy of Colonialism is an interdisciplinary project which pursues three objectives. First, this book recognizes Algeria’s indigenous Amazigh (Berber) women as the bearers of a post-colonial legacy of trauma. Second, it traces and analyzes how Amazigh women have survived and coped with major social upheavals and traumatic experiences most importantly the Algerian war of independence. Lastly, this book documents how Amazigh women continue to carry these experiences—historical traumas—in their bodies and minds, and then transform and/or transmit them into the present. Indeed, as argued here, Amazigh women carry a historic burden, that is, a post-colonial legacy or haunting, which mediates the culture, politics and everyday life of contemporary Algeria.