Stealth Anti-Muslim Racism in an Age of Islamophobia


Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs


American Studies and Ethnicity


“Stealth Anti-Muslim Racism in an Age of Islamophobia” offers a multi-site analysis of how Islamophobia gets perpetuated and normalized in the most unexpected and subtle of ways—through positive media representations, liberal political discourses, hate crime laws, and even the firing of public figures for racist speech. Based on nine years of collecting materials, from representations of Muslims on television to police reports on murder cases, this project exposes insidious forms of anti-Muslim racism across three sites: television, corporations and universities, and law enforcement, from the Obama presidency to the present. Drawing on critical discourse analysis to identify competing meanings produced about Muslims, this project brings Muslims into a vital conversation about racial politics today. This research will be published as a book and in more accessible installments as op-eds, blog posts, book talks, and conversations with journalists who cover the intersection of race and religion.