Appointed to Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, US Department of State


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Position Description

The US Department of State is the federal executive department with responsibility for the nation’s international relations. It was the first cabinet department created when Congress first met in 1789. ACLS has arranged to place Public Fellows at the State Department or the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with the Department of State’s Franklin Fellows Program, an innovative executive development vehicle that brings knowledge from outside the Department to bear on global issues of vital importance to the United States such as the environment, counterterrorism, human rights, HIV/AIDS and other trans-national diseases, trade and financial policy. The Public Fellows will be integrated into the substantive work of the bureau where they are placed. Fellows may work with other government entities, such as Congress, the White House, the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and other Executive Branch agencies, depending on their duties.