Zanzibarian Myths in Oral Literature and the Indian Ocean Complex


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Department of Literature


This study examines the Zanzibarian myths as a branch of oral prose in relation to the twenty first century’s Indian Ocean link. The study argues that, the ancient influence of the Indian Ocean to Zanzibarian oral literature might have changed due to the forged new interactions between Africa and Asia, hence, the need to examine and document them. By studying the oral myths, we embark on a search of realizing the meaning contained in the myths and discover our collective philosophy of life and the way we view the world as a people. This is a qualitative study that will employ interviews to collect myths and get people's views about the myths. Library and archival data will also be used. Findings are expected to generate insights related to new imaginaries of the Indian Ocean, interrogate historical and current issues related to Africa-Asia relations and establish the cultural link between Africa and Asia.