The Politics of Passion: A Digital, Bi-lingual Scholarly Book Focusing on the Art and Activism of Jesusa Rodríguez


ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships


Performance Studies and Spanish and Potuguese Languages and Literatures


What options for political and economic justice do people have when the electoral process has been violated or corrupted, the media is sequestered in the hands of power-brokers, and official institutions cannot adjudicate in a way that is seen as transparent and legitimate? "The Politics of Passion," published digitally with a host of bi-lingual tools for students and scholars, explores the resurgence and even centrality of the body in politics by exploring the work of Mexican artist and political activist Jesusa Rodríguez. This rich, multimedia book, containing archival materials, recorded performances, and critical scholarship, examines the efficacy and limitations of performance and politics, and performance as politics.