Fibra: Toward a Humanistic Analysis of Social Networks


ACLS Digital Extension Grants


French and Italian


Principal Investigator. Project Team: Nicole Coleman, Stanford University; Ethan Jewett, Developer; Eetu Mäkelä, Aalto University.

This project extends the reach of Palladio (, our suite of data visualization tools, to other communities of users by adding a new network view called Fibra. Palladio is designed for scholars who want to model data themselves, and not just run models on data. Fibra is a novel type of social network visualization, one that responds more directly to the kinds of research questions posed in the humanities. It includes the ability to create and edit data directly through the visual interface, and the ability to pull data into Palladio from Linked Data sources. Palladio already supports data import, data exploration, and export of both data and visualizations. Adding Fibra will bring a new interface to Palladio with an even more humanities-centered user experience. By integrating Linked Data, users can also supplement missing edge-data with richer node information, thus developing new methods for analyzing social networks.