A Timely Message from the Cave: The Mahāmudrā Doctrine in the Intellectual Agenda of the Sixty-Ninth rJe mKhan-po dGe-'dun-rin-chen, 1926 to 1997


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


As the Mahāmudrā doctrine is the paramount teaching in all bKa'-brgyud schools, it represents a crucial point from which to determine the doctrinal positions and ideas of the Sixty-Ninth rJe mKhan-po dGe-'dun-rin-chen (1926-1997) and his school.
A critical edition and annotated translation of a verse commentary by the Sixty-Ninth rJe mKhan-po dGe-'dun-rin-chen on a root text about the controversy on the Mahāmudrā doctrine, composed by the Ninth rJe mKhan-po Shakya-rin-chen (1710-1759), form the basis ofthe textual analysis of the Sixty-Ninth rJe mKhan-po dGe-'dun-rin-chen's Mahāmudrā interpretation.
Additionally, rJe dGe-'dun-rin-chen's life and thought are examined on the basis of minor works of mainly systematizing and doxographical character included in his gSung 'bum and a hagiography which was written by his direct disciple and acquired during a field research in Bhutan.