Radiating Black Feminist Studies in the Americas and the Caribbean


ACLS Fellowship Program


Africana Studies and American Studies


The quadrilingual anthology Black Feminist Studies in the Americas and the Caribbean—co-edited by Diarenis Calderón Tartabull, Makeba Lavan, Tito Mitjans Alayón, Violeta Orozco Barrera, Conor Tomás Reed, Layla Zami, and Latin American Philosophy of Education Society (LAPES) members—constructs a bridge between the vast pedagogical contributions of Black feminists across the Western hemisphere from the 1960s to the present. Building upon recent Spanish translations of the rise of U.S. Black Women’s Studies, this anthology transcends existing methodological and linguistic siloes to develop a more comparative, interdisciplinary, and transnational approach to learning with Black feminisms and Black radical traditions. With this project, we assemble a solidaristic textual space—the first of its kind—for Black feminists to listen to and more strategically collaborate with each other across the Americas and the Caribbean, and for non-Afro-descended people to also absorb these lessons in developing deeper complicities against colonialism, misogyny/transmisogyny, and racial supremacy.