The Archaeology of Troy in the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Periods


ACLS Fellowship Program




Since 1988 I have directed Greek, Roman, and Byzantine excavations at Troy, and in the proposed monograph I will synthesize all of the information so far obtained and provide the first reconstruction of life at Troy from ca. 1200 B.C. through 1300 A.D. One of the unifying themes of this book will be Troy's role as a central node in east-west commercial and cultural exchange, from the late Bronze Age through the end of the Roman Empire. Troy's strategic location at the mouth of the Dardanelles, where Europe and Asia meet, makes it the ideal candidate for such an investigation; and the fact that the city is better stratified and more extensively explored than any other site in the region will enable me to formulate an analysis of east-west exchange that is unusually comprehensive in scope.