Appointed as Digital Engagement Manager, Science History Institute


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, American Studies, Brown University

Position Description

The Science History Institute (SHI) is a dynamic, humanities-based institution that is committed to fostering broad discussion on the place of science in society through historical collections, research, and innovative programming. Digital products, projects, and initiatives have become core aspects of programming and work across SHI in recent years. The institution currently has ongoing or emerging digital work in its library, museum, research, and public programming departments covering everything from collections digitization infrastructure to digital exhibitions and games. The Digital Engagement Manager operates out of the Institute for Research, which serves as the intellectual hub for the institution, connecting the collections-based and outreach departments. The manager develops methods for designing, evaluating, and analyzing digital initiatives and builds on those results to create work plans and workflows that allow for more efficient coordination and communication across the programmatic areas of the institution.